Saturday, November 24, 2012

How WSO2 AppFactory can be used to approve and promote cloud applications across development, test and production clouds

Recently , i watched a webinar of WSO2 Summer School 2012 ." Deliver on-demand, shared middleware services"  Chris[1] and Asanka.
The discussion about the wso2 appfactory grabbed the attention and i thought to share it in my blog.

If you are new to wso2 appfactory, you can read [2], to get an understanding about wso2 appfactory. 

"WSO2 App Factory is a platform for managed application development for the entire lifecycle of applications. " When developers create applications in AppFactory, it automatically creates infrastructure services such as svn, build system,Applications can be web applications to mobile apps that require any type of middleware to run on including even non-Java and non-WSO2 technologies. [2]

WSO2 appfactory M7 was released recently.

Sign-up for WSO2 App Factory :

Create a New Application:


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