Friday, November 16, 2012

WSO2 App Factory v1.0.0 M7

M7 was released recently. And the following was taken from the release mail.

The pre-configured virtual machine could be downloaded from [here].

To install the vmware-player  

How to Run

    Download the virtual machine. The servers start automatically when the VM boot up. 

Key Features

  • Lifecycle management of an application
  • Automated build and deployment
  • Support multiple application versions
  • APIs to integrate with SDLC Tool chain
  • SVN/GIT repository provisioning
  • Out of the box integration with Jenkins, Redmine
  • Integrated with WSO2 APIManager
  • Role based views
  • Dashboards to monitor application development

New Features and Improvements
  • Integrating with Redmine
  • CIO/CEO dashbords
  • BPEL Security
  • Role based security
  • Change the username to email address
  • Dependency Management - API sandboxing
  • Build Status Recording and Gadget
  • Login to Controller to get Logs
  • G-Reg check list items
  • Other services tab
  • Publishing access URL

-The WSO2 App Factory Team

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