Sunday, July 15, 2012

WSO2 AppFactory

"WSO2 App Factory is a platform for managed application development for the entire lifecycle of applications. " When developers create applications in AppFactory, it automatically creates infrastructure services such as svn, build system,Applications can be web applications to mobile apps that require any type of middleware to run on including even non-Java and non-WSO2 technologies. [1]

By integrating to existing tools, WSO2 App Factory provides a complete systems development life cycle (SDLC) toolchain including source control, issue tracker, forums, build management, and deployment.

This post [2] answers the question " What is WSO2 AppFactory?" in a detailed manner. 

AppFactory Milestone1 was released on June 26 2012. 
step by step guide shows how to create an application using AppFactory

WSO2 App Factory M2 Released recently, 

Key Features
* Life-cycle management of an application(i.e CAR application)
* SVN repository provision
* Automated build and deployment.
* Role based views

New Features and Improvements
* Database settings management based on data sources
Dashboard for applications * Introduction of new interfaces to integrate other SDLC tools
Improved delivery mode - Embedded ApacheDS as the default user store* Improved BPEL workflows to deploy asynchronously to stages.* Integrated SCM Manager (as web application) 

The pre-configured virtual machine could be downloaded from here.

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