Friday, January 4, 2013

DevOps Factory tools for Application Development - WSO2 App Factory

The traditional app delivery process has many drawbacks. (outdated infrastructure , lack of tools etc ..)  The app delivery process is severely affected by those drawbacks and  ultimately it can cause a bad impact of achieving business needs.

The technology is developing at an alarming rate and the IT world is changing rapidly. So , What can be the solution for the above problem. 

Is this blog [1] by Chris Hadded,  has highlighted the tools which require for a DevOps Factory.

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What is wso2 appfactory : WSO2 App Factory is a platform for managed application development for the entire lifecycle of applications. Supporting you from cradle to grave, you can create, develop, test, deploy to production and retire applications with a single click. Applications can be web applications to mobile apps that require any type of middleware to run on including even non-Java and non-WSO2 technologies. [2]

Getting Started with WSO2 App Factory : Sign-up for WSO2 App Factory 

Getting Started with WSO2 App Factory : Create a New Application


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