Friday, December 7, 2012

BoofCV - an open source Java library for real-time computer vision applications

I came across this recently and , seems like a must consider open source library (like opencv).

"BoofCV is organized into several packages: image processing, features, geometric vision, calibration, visualize, and IO. Image processingcontains commonly used image processing functions which operate directly on pixels. Features contains feature extraction algorithms for use in higher level operations. Calibration has routines for determining the camera's intrinsic and extrinsic parameters. Geometric vision is composed of routines for processing extracted image features using 2D and 3D geometry. Visualize has routines for rendering and displaying extracted features. 'IO stands for input/output and contains common routines for reading in images from various input source " [1]

Capability Summary

Image ProcessingFeatureGeometricIntegration
Image Convolution
Image DerivativesApplet
Image BlurApplet
Binary ImageApplet
Noise RemovalApplet
Wavelet DecompositionApplet
Discrete Image PyramidApplet
Float Image PyramidApplet
Scale Space ImageApplet
Steerable KernelsApplet
Interest PointsApplet
Line DetectionApplet
Template Matching
Scale Space FeaturesApplet
Edge DetectionApplet
Region DescriptionsApplet
Region OrientationApplet
Feature AssociationApplet
Feature TrackingApplet
Non-max SuppressionApplet
Mono CalibrationApplet
Stereo CalibrationApplet
Stereo RectificationApplet
Remove DistortionApplet
3D Stereo CloudApplet
Image StabilizationApplet
Image MosaicApplet
Visual OdometryApplet


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