Thursday, April 12, 2012

HTTP methods

Normally you don't care about HTTP methods except GET and POST. But there are other HTTP 1.1 methods besides GET and POST.

GET - Asks to get the resource at the requested URL

POST - Asks the server to accept the body info attached to the request, and give it to the thingat the requested URL. (It's like a GET with extra info sent with the request)

HEAD Asks only the header part of whatever a GET would return. (Gives you info about the requested URL without actually getting back the thing).

TRACE  Asks for a loopback of the requested message (Used for testing and troubleshooting)

PUT Says to put the enclosed info (the body) at the requested URL

DELETE Says to delete the thing

OPTIONS Asks for a list of the HTTP methods o which the thing at the requested URL can respond

CONNECT Says to connect for the purpose of tunneling

(Head First - SCWCD study guide)

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