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How to trace mediation activities in eventing mode using WSO2 Business Activity Monitor.

This sample demonstrates how to monitor an external server using Business Activity Monitor.
Here servers communicate using an eventing(pushing) model.
This sample consist of following sections.

          1) Running business activity monitor
          2) Running ESB parallel to BAM
          3) Running simple Axis2 server and deploying a sample service
          4) Installing  "BAM Activity Mediation Data Publisher" feature to ESB server
          5) Adding a proxy service to ESB
          6) Adding a server to to BAM product
          7) Monitoring the mediator activity

Running Business Activity Monitor

1. Download (or build) and extract the BAM product. Extracted folder will be referred as BAM_HOME thought this document.
   Run BAM_HOME/wso2server.sh (on Linux/Unix) or BAM_HOME\wso2server.bat (on Windows)

2. Login to management console from the URL displayed in the console (eg:
   default username=admin and password=admin

Running ESB parallel to BAM

1. Download (or build) and extract the ESB product. extracted folder will be referred as ESB_HOME thorough out this document.

2. Open ESB_HOME/repository/conf/carbon.xml. Change the Offset value (under Ports) to 1. This will increment all the default port numbers by 1.
Ex: <!-- Ports offset. This entry will set the value of the ports defined below to
         the define value + Offset.
         e.g. Offset=2 and HTTPS port=9443 will set the effective HTTPS port to 9445

3. Run ESB_HOME/wso2server.sh (on Linux/Unix) or ESB_HOME\wso2server.bat (on Windows)

4. Login to the management console of the ESB product (just like you logged to the management console of the BAM product)

Running simple Axis2 server and deploying a sample service

1. Go to the ESB_HOME/samples/axis2Server/src/SimpleStockQuoteService

2. Run "ant build-service" (install ant if not installed http://ant.apache.org/manual/install.html)

3. Set environment variable AXIS2_HOME to ESB_HOME/samples/axis2Server (NOTE: there is no slash at the end)
Ex: For Linux : export AXIS2_HOME=ESB_HOME/samples/axis2Server
    For Windows : set AXIS2_HOME=ESB_HOME/samples/axis2Server

4. Run ESB_HOME/samples/axis2Server/axis2Server.sh

5. Browse to http://localhost:9000/services/ and verify whether SimpleStockQuoteService is running. The SimpleStockQuoteService will be shown on this page if it's running.

Installing "BAM Activity Mediation Data Publisher" feature to ESB server

1. Go to management console of the ESB , and select Configure > Features from the side panel.
   Click "Add Repository" link.

2. Enter a suitable name (eg: "wso2 local repo") and select local. Enter the path for p2-repo (eg: /home/user/p2-repo)
   (p2-repo is available at http://people.wso2.com/~buddhikac/p2-repo.zip)
   Click add.
3. Search and install "BAM Activity Mediation Data Publisher 3.2.1" feature.

4. Restart the ESB server.

5. Go to management console of the application server, and select "Configure > Activity Publishing" from the side panel.
   Set "Message Dumping" to "ON".

Adding a proxy service to ESB

1. Go to ESB's management console and select Manage > Web Services > Add > Proxy Service from the side panel

2. Select WSDL Based Proxy

3. Insert suitable Proxy Service Name (eg: SimpleStockQuoteServiceProxy)
          http://localhost:9000/services/SimpleStockQuoteService?wsdl as the WSDL URI
          SimpleStockQuoteService as the WSDL Service
          SimpleStockQuoteServiceHttpSoap11Endpoint as the WSDL Port

4. Click Create and select newly created proxy's name form the shown list to see the Service Dashboard of it.

5. Click Edit form Specific Configuration panel
   click "switch to source view" form Modify Proxy Service.
   add following xml section to <target> tag of the shown source.

       <class name="org.wso2.carbon.bam.data.publisher.activity.mediation.MessageActivityMediator"/>

6. Click 'Save'

Adding a server to to BAM product

1. Go to BAM management console and from the side panel and select configure > Monitored Servers.
   then click "Add Server" link.

2. Enter ESB server's url (with the port eg: ) to the "Server URL" text box

3. Select "Eventing" from the "Data Collection Method" radio buttons.
   Select "Message" from the "Type of Data" radio button.

4. Insert the same username and password used for logging in to the ESB management console

5. Click "Add" button. if the server is successfully added it should appear in the "Monitored Servers" list.
   Click the verify button to check whether the ESB is running and connected with BAM server successfully.

Monitoring the mediator activity

1. From the side panel select Dashboard > Main Dashboard.(This may take few seconds to load all the gadgets)

2. Go to ESB_HOME/samples/axis2Client and run "ant stockquote -Daddurl=<url> -Dmode=fullquote"
   Here <url> should be replaced by the Endpoint url shown in ESB's Service Dashboard(eg: https://localhost:8243/services/SimpleStockQuoteServiceProxy/)
   Run this few times to exceed the threshold (at least 3 times)
   (run "ant help" for more available modes)

3. Observe the server statistics from the BAM dashboard's "Activity Data" tab.
i).   Statistics relating to data published by activity publishers are present in the "Activity Details" gadget. In the configure tab of this gadget
     select start and end times to cover the time span the events were published to BAM.
        ii).  Click "View Messages".
        iii). Now the message details are listed in a tabular format. Click on "View Message" link in the "Message" column of a message to view the message
iv)   Additionally using "Activity Drill Down" gadget it is possible to drill down from server --> service --> operation to message level details.

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