Thursday, December 1, 2011

Solution for 'JSON undefined' error in IE8

Normally this error is given from older browsers. Windows Internet Explorer 8 is the first Microsoft Web browser that includes native support. But i came to know that IE 8 has some issues with JSON . I read some articles about this issue and found some useful information.

[1]says that there is an update is available for the native JSON feature in Internet Explorer 8.

Further it says that the issues are caused by deviations between the native JSON feature in Internet Explorer 8 and the final specification. The update will address following issues.

  •  JSON.stringify (value [, replacer] [, space])
  • JSON.parse (test [, reviver])
  • toJSON ()

And also it follows ECMAScript, fifth edition" standard specification.

If you still have this issue , check whether your are running IE in compatibility mode. It may be a reason for this issue.



[3] JSON validator :

[4] More info available here

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