Saturday, September 10, 2011

WSO2 Gadget Server

In a previous post i mentioned that I am working in the WSO2 Gadget Server project. In this post i hope to provide more details about the WSO2 Gadget Server.

At present gadgets have managed to grab the attention people because Gadgets enable you to keep track of your social network, your activities, your finances, your family – your life!

Gadget Server is a portal solution specifically targeted to be deployed in SOAs as a presentation layer

Here is a the introduction given by WSO2 OXYGEN TANK

" The WSO2 Gadget Server brings Gadget technology into the enterprise by providing a customized end-user portal that makes it easy for teams to build attractive and effective portals in record time. Built on top of the Google Gadget Specification, the WSO2 Gadget Server allows Google Gadgets to be developed and deployed in a simple, decentralized manner. Any developer with basic web development skills can create a custom gadget easily and many third-party Google Gadgets are available to add to a user’s personalized dashboard. "

The WSO2 Gadget Server offers

  • Enterprise-class portal interface. Users can customize their own executive dashboard and organize gadgets using tabs.
  • Client-side gadgets. Any gadget adhering to the Google Gadget specification can be added to the portal.
  • Enterprise gadget repository. Portal users can browse an enterprise gadget repository maintained by IT, add gadgets to their individual portals, and rate and comment on individual gadgets.
  • Secure sign-in options. User registration and sign-up can be handled using OpenID and InfoCards in addition to the traditional user name and password-based scheme.
  • Management console. The intuitive browser-based interface of the console helps IT professionals configure and manage WSO2 Gadget Server, its users, and the enterprise gadget repository.
  • Inter-gadget communication support: a new publish/subscribe mechanism allows users to write gadgets that communicate with each other.
  • Support for i18n allows users to write gadgets that support any international language and are supported by the gadget container.
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Getting started with the WSO2 Gadget Server 


Home for the development and user community of WSO2 Gadget Server

Download WSO2 Gadget Server or try WSO2 Gadgets as a Service. (stratoslive)

Contact us (WSO2) for Evaluation support.

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