Friday, September 23, 2011

Writing and Deploying the Hello World Gadget with WSO2 Gadget Server

This post is about writing the first gadget (Hello World gadget ) with WSO2 gadget server. WSO2 Gadget Server allows Google Gadgets to be developed and deployed in a simple, decentralized manner.

Installing on Linux
  1. Download the WSO2 Gadget Server binary distribution.
  2. Extract the zip archive. e.g., unzip
  3. Execute the WSO2 Gadget Server starting script. e.g., wso2gs-1.4.0/bin;  ./
  4. Check your WSO2 Gadget Server instance using the URL https://localhost:8443/carbon/

Here is the complete guide for the installation of WSO2 Gadget Server

Type the following credentials
Username : admin
Password : admin

Use a text editor and write the following code

The HelloWorld Gadget
The hello world gadget is the simplest of its kind and contains only XML and HTML.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
  <ModulePrefs title="hello world example" /> 
  <Content type="html">
       Hello, world!
Save the file as "HelloWorld.xml"
Select Gadget repository from the "WSO2 Gadget Server Home" page

Click "Add New Gadget"
There are four options to add a gadget 
  1. Gadget Url
  2. File Path 
  3. Registry path
  4. Zip File Path 
     Select File Path option in order to deploy the HelloWorld gadget (HelloWorld.xml)
    Click Add Gadget . Select View Portal from the left side menu of WSO2 Gadget Server
    Congratulations !!!  the HelloWorld Gadget is ready now !!!!

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