Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OpenSocial 2.0 - The web is better when it is Social

The OpenSocial 2.0 spec has been announced, and it s the time to identify the major improvements and changes.

Activity streams support -  social activities are defined in a simple actor / object / target format.

Embedded experiences - Embedded experiences allow application developers to embed content from their applications inside OpenSocial 2.0 containers.  Containers and gadgets which support embedded experiences will recognize this data model and can choose to render the embedded experience. (data model is the way to represent an embedded experience in JSON or XML).

Deprecated support for ATOM - the community has decided to deprecate support for ATOM.

Simplified gadget format

New incubating API
OAuth 2 Support (Support for OAuth 1.0a is still included in the OpenSocial 2.0 specification and has not been deprecated.)

Read more about OpenSocial 2.0

Embedded experience tutorial can be found here

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