Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life @ WSO2

I finished my degree on June 2011 and started applying for jobs. My dream was to join wso2 because of the great exposure.  I had the final interview of wso2 on 12th July (my birthday). And i got the perfect b'day present from wso2.  (Dreams do come true :) )I got the offer from wso2 and without any hesitation i accepted the offer. That was one of the happiest days of my life. Getting selected to the best open source software company in the world is a memorable moment of my life. I started work on 15 th july. First i was given the chance to work in the wso2 business activity monitor project. The team members were always ready to share their knowledge with me. Tharindu aiya gave a product introduction and gave necessary advice for the build process and execution of samples.
Then i was moved to the wso2 gadget server & Wso2 Mashup server project. Nuwan aiya gave a clear idea about the platform and the products (GS and MS).
It was a really challenging task to start the work on the project. Product awareness was essential in order to start development, fix issues etc...  As i mentioned above the people at wso2 are highly technical and they are always ready to share the knowledge. I managed to fix some bugs and got an understanding about the code. I really appreciate the advice and guidance of lala akka and ranga aiya (wso2 GS team).
Thanks all and thank you very much isuruw for telling me about this wonderful place.

 And i hope to blog more in future.

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